The Henning Family Foundation was formed in memory of Tim Henning who passed away on May 15, 2012, at the age of 47, after suffering a heart attack at his son's baseball game. 

Despite the valiant efforts of other parents, including an ER doctor, a paramedic and a nurse, who tried to revive Tim, there was not an automated external defibrillator (AED) at the baseball field where Tim had the heart attack.  An AED would have given Tim a better chance of survival.


Tim's wife, Denise, and their two sons, Bryan and Matthew, formed the Henning Family Foundation to improve safety in public places, especially kids' sports venues, and to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to other families.  

The goal of the Henning Family Foundation is to raise funds to purchase and distribute AEDs to kids' sports venues and other public places in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  One AED costs about $2000. Annual maintenance and monitoring, which is essential to the success of having AEDs accessible in public places, costs about $250 per unit.  AEDs are simple to use even for a person who has not received any training on how to use the unit.  An AED provides specific, auditory instructions as soon as the unit is activated.

After raising funds through the Tim Henning Memorial Golf Tournament, The Henning Family Foundation has been able to place 115 AEDs. Locations include: NKCA Baseball League Ballparks, the Necco Raiders Football Field, 3and2 Baseball Parks, Brookside Soccer Club, Kansas City Zoo, VFW Headquarters, Theatre Lawrence, Don Bosco Senior Center, Northland Salvation Army, Jewish Community Center, First Baptist Church of Smithville, Morning Glory Ministries, Lawrence Arts Center, Olivet Baptist Church, Redemption Church, Synergy Services, Avant Ministries, ReDiscover, Folly Theater, Kearney Public Schools, Liberty Public Schools, North Kansas City School District, Legacy Park Sports Fields, North Kansas City Parks and Recreation, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City and Gillis Center. 

The Henning Family Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.